Finally arrived !

I just got it few days ago, a superb brand new Agilent 2002A Digital Storage Oscilloscope. Needless to say that I am absolutely thrilled by this 2G/s 70Mhz baby. It is a perfect addition for my electronics projects. Now I am playing with it, much to discover in the documentation. It comes with a CD that contain manuals and some other info in mostly all languages of international circulation, pdf format. Two 10:1 probes, and some other gimmics (like a plastic screwdriver for probe setup, colored tags for probe cables, replacement tips, plastic covers for tips and – interestingly enough – a replacement spring for the probe grip), plus a calibration certificate, quite nicely wrapped in a very fancy and official-looking sealed envelope. The ASIC is Windows CE based, hope no issues with viruses (rant !) and mostly soft-key controlled via some hard-button counterparts (below the screen in images), with lots of settings and goodies to check out. The fan is incredibly silent, even though large enough to cool these summer days.

Overall I am pleased and impressed. I’ll get back with some more on this. For now, just pictures:

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7 Comments to Finally arrived !

  1. Tyler spune:

    Nice! I’d really like to get one of those. Any thoughts on it now that you’ve had it for a while? I’m thinking the 100Mhz version, but I’d be very interested in your thoughts from a hobbyist perspective, as that’s how i’d use it also.

    • AlaudaProjects spune:

      Hi, Tyler.
      The scope is superb and, IMO, 70 Mhz is enough for my projects (audio, low RF for Ham projects and microcontrollers). They get pretty expensive as you increase the bandwidth and sampling rates. However, when I explored the market for a scope, I was also tempted by Rigols. Finally I went to Agilent just because I fell in love with the huge display (which is a plus) and the silent operation. The device is pretty compact, comes with two 10:1 probes and some goodies (colored markers for cables, mini BNCs etc). One thing that I would love two have is 4 channel, but it was much more expensive. Moreover, I am sure they will provide more functionalities via firmware updates as the ASIC allows an impressive line of theoretical upgrades. You can also test the trial licenses for the internal signal generator (quite useful), the segmented memory (VERY useful) and the training set of signals.
      The only limiting factor is my… limited free time. I am busy redesigning the blog and also with my job. But I have a damn amount of things to post here. I will get back with actual projects and using the scope, so stay tuned. Need more info, feel free to ask.

  2. Vassilis spune:

    Great piece ! I am thinking of buying the same soon. Thumbs up !

    • Hi, Vassilis. Thank you. I had the opportunity to test the MSO features after updating the firmware and the generator is awesome. But the best part, IMO, is that you can completely control it via Agilent libraries from custom Excel, Matlab of C# routines thus enhancing features. For example, one can easily build a Visual Basic routine to make the Agilent act as a sweep generator and acquire data that is passed back to the software. Brilliant equipment. I will post some more on using it. Stay tuned.

  3. Adrian YO3HJV spune:

    Salve, misto scula!
    Eu am un DSOX2014A. Nu sunt sigur daca si asta e pe vindoze dar sunt extrem de multumit de el. A fost o ocazie la numai 2.000 lei, nepipait… 🙂

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