Home improvements

I’ve been quite busy the past few weeks doing improvements to this blog. I have used the twenty-ten WordPress theme that I was never very happy with. Not a big deal, anyway. The content is much more important. But the biggest complaint that I had was with an endless list of plugins that I installed […]

CSS3 Generator — CSS generators

CSS generators for fast web page styling

While revamping my blog, I ran over several CSS generators that are freely available on the web. These considerably speed up the process of styling your web. So I though would be nice to share some links. Some might be interested. Gradient CSS generators One of the best CSS generators is ColorZilla, available also as […]

How to create Arduino brush for Syntax Highlighter

For my Arduino lessons I needed to add WordPress support for Arduino syntax highlighting. A custom brush for SyntaxHighlighter plugin that would format and color my Arduino syntax similar to the application (see here an example). This is what I did.