Adobe Stuff

Although not a mainstream activity, I tend to use Adobe products quite frequently. Thus all articles that are even marginally related are gathered here.

How to create hatching in Illustrator

Couple of days ago I need to create a hatched drawing for one of my project plan. Discovered a neat way to create hatching in Illustrator and I thought it might be useful to share. Create a new document, any size. Press “M” to access the Rectangle Tool: Click on the canvas and make a […]

Anti aliasing Illustrator features for web artwork

While creating some artwork for an article, I ran into an interesting anti aliasing Illustrator feature. That might be handy for you to know. Exporting images for web (“Save for web”) uses Cmd-Opt-Shift-S shortcut (Ctrl-Alt-Shift-S on Windows). This brings the following screen: You have three anti aliasing Illustrator options for the look of your exported artwork: […]