I think reading is the single most pleasant activity for me. Nothing else in my life, but absolutely nothing else, makes me happier than reading. Maybe I was blessed descending from a family of intelectuals that brought literature in my life, from early years. Literature and music. I tend to read thirty to forty books a year. Not too much. Here are all the posts on this subject.

My 2023 reading challenge

This year reading challenge was short of three books. My resolution was to read 40. This is the list and the links on Nikolai Gogol [27-28 decembrie, 2023) E.T.A. Hoffmann (20-21 noiembrie, 2023) Charlotte Brontë (15-19 noiembrie, 2023) Anaïs Nin (21 august, 2023) Ian Stewart (4-10 august, 2023) George Orwell (3 august, 2023) Daphne […]

Kindle Oasis

I bought my first Kindle in 2012. Since then, I read more than 400 ebooks. Not too much, not too few, but certainly a lot more than I would have read without the opportunity to carry a whole library with me at all time. Although a great device, my Kindle Keyboard v3.0 was a bit […]

Stuff to read

This is very, very short. Books I have to read. But I really, really have to read: Art of electronics book Art of electronics student book Masterminds of programming