Simple stuff: viewDidLoad vs. viewWillAppear

I was coding today for a small project I have. A very simple iOS application that has a very simple storyboard, two different paradigms for iPhone and iPad, but very, very simple. While coding I was struck by the fact — frequently forgotten — that we tend to ignore the obvious. Ok, here’s the deal: take one […]

“Auto Layout on iOS Versions prior to 6.0”

A short reminder, because I ran into this today and Xcode’s very poor at providing you useful verbosity when debugging Auto-Layout stuff done in Interface Builder. Sometimes (Xcode 4.x and 5.x) you might get the following errors when building an iOS project: Going to each error does not help much. Debugging IB auto-layout errors is […]

Simple and default UIPickerView

iOS 7 UIPickerView Simple Application

Recently I was asked by a friend to provide some support with UIPickerView in iOS 7. He was a bit puzzled by what it seemed to be the impossibility to pad the content of each picker view row to a certain distance from the left side of the UIPickerView. Basically, let’s consider the following example. […]