Abandoned Posts

Over the past seven years (the age of this blog) I started writing several articles that I never  finished. It’s time to trash them completely or just add them to a list for future afterthoughts. Who knows ? So, from older to newer: “Weller WD 1000 M Review – Part III – Software”, January 18, 2013 — […]

Data Tips and Quick Look — debug console display

XCode 6 — new debugging features

As one of the goodies launched during current WWDC 2013, Apple has released a developer preview of Xcode 5 and detailed some of the new features it offers such as Automatic Configuration, Test Navigator, Bots, Auto Layout, Asset Management, Debug Gauges, Source Control, and more. Looking over some of the videos of the WWDC Sessions Videos, […]

XCode 4.3.3 – how to edit build settings

Working on my Logic Analyzer project, I wanted to setup a combined target structure in XCode, to have the complete E2E scenario built, from μC firmware to the cocoa libraries and application code. This means adding custom targets for μC build and upload. Well, as a short reminder, for now I am using a simple Arduino […]