“Auto Layout on iOS Versions prior to 6.0”


A short reminder, because I ran into this today and Xcode’s very poor at providing you useful verbosity when debugging Auto-Layout stuff done in Interface Builder. Sometimes (Xcode 4.x and 5.x) you might get the following errors when building an iOS project:

Illegal Configuration
Auto Layout on iOS Versions prior to 6.0

Going to each error does not help much. Debugging IB auto-layout errors is still a painful process. You have to know in advance the root cause of such errors. Rant, Apple !

Auto Layout on iOS Versions prior to 6.0Don’t panic. It’s from project settings. Most probably your iOS deployment target is < 6.0. So change that accordingly:

Change deployment targetHowever, another reminder to Apple to put some logic and sense in auto-layout error messages. And hopefully improve the entire IB debugging overall.

Have a great day !

Thank you, Mouser and Texas Instruments !

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