C# stuff

I got into C# (and also into Python) rather recently, so both these are rather new addition to my list of hobbies. If anyone could call programming a “hobby” 😅 However, I posted only a few articles on both topics but I will definitely add more. I have quite a few projects in both these programming languages, especially applications for my Ham Radio hobby.

C# Accessing MDI Parent methods from MDI Child forms

While in a new project (trying to get my Fluke 289 communicate with my PC), I ran into an interesting C# trickie that I thought it might be interesting to share. Here’s the UseCase: getting to have a parent MDI form and several child forms, you want to run selected parent methods from child forms. […]

C#, SCPI and Keysight (Agilent) DSO-X 2002A

This post is a relic. The initial draft dates back in January 19, 2013. And was left as draft ever since. Past couple of days I was busy — among other things — learning a new programming language, C#. 🙂 Ok, here’s the deal: my scope (KeysightAgilent DSO-X 2002A) is SCPI–compliant device. If you remember, the reason behind […]