Tidying up my shack

Preparing my shack for next electronics projects


After quite some time when this space was in a mess, today I took almost a quantum leap: organizing everything and make it ready for my next projects was not an easy job. I miss building stuff and this space is perfect for such things.

Some of my favourite tools are in the picture: the YIHUA 8520 hot air rework station (cheap but excellent); a KORAD KA3005P power supply that I bought several Ham Fests ago, from Reichelt’s stand in Friedrichshafen; an EXTECH LCR200 LCR meter (that I honestly forgot where I bought it from) and an absolutely fantastic SANWA EM7000 analog multimeter. EM7000 is a high-sensitivity FET electronic tester with high input resistance (2.5M – 12MΩ for DCV) and 0.12μA range (DC current). It can measure a frequency range of 40Hz to 1MHz of sine wave (AC low voltage) which makes it invaluable in my work. Manual here. My Brother label maker is in the middle of the image. I used it extensively to label all the drawers and little boxes where I put parts or tools. I have a problem remembering where I put everything so I created a database with all my stuff used for this hobby and a simple but efficient location labeling that help me remember.

It is a cosy place and I hope I will use it more in the next months building stuff.

Thank you for reading and getting back to my site. Have a great day !

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