Foam board drawer

A simple project to organize my electronic parts


More than a year ago I posted this. It was the beginning of this blog and the beginning of my personal space for hobbies and small DIY projects, a very crammed and tiny space that I have in my apartment. I cannot imagine how quickly time passed and how less and less available time I have for this blog.

However, I decided to be more practical in 2013 and have a sustained schedule for my blog. And projects. First thing, I have revamped my “tiny workspace” and used all available space. As horizontal expansion was not possible, I went on vertical and filled all available corners. My last project — finalized yesterday — is done from foam board.

I was surprised to discover how solid the structure turned to be given the fact that is completely made up from foam-board, a very soft and nice-to-work-with material. So I mark this as the milestone for having a more active presence on this blog. More pictures of my box and revamped workspace:


Until recently I have extensively used my MacBook, AVRDude and USBTiny for my μController projects: Now I got myself a proper tool, the AVRISP markII, mostly because I wanted to use AVRStudio 6.0 features: Key features: Programs both flash and EEPROM Supports fuses and lock bit programming Upgradeable for future device support Supports target voltages from […]

AVRISP mkII unboxing

JFET Circuit Analysis – great tutorials on YouTube

Looking for some detailed information about JFET circuit analysis, I ran today into three excellent videos posted by Bournemouth University. Already subscribed to them. The videos are part of Linear and Switching Circuits Series and target the following topics: Performing the DC JFET circuit analysis of a simple JFET self-bias amplifier (to find the circuit […]

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