Abandoned Posts


Over the past seven years (the age of this blog) I started writing several articles that I never  finished. It’s time to trash them completely or just add them to a list for future afterthoughts. Who knows ? So, from older to newer:

  • “Weller WD 1000 M Review – Part III – Software”, January 18, 2013 — I never finished the three part review of the Weller soldering station; the info is obsolete; will probably trash it;
  • “NSString and memory leaks”, January 18, 2013 — obsolete; trashed;
  • The Stack and The Heap”, January 18, 2013 — abandoned because I found a much better resource here; trashed;
  • “How to add a custom action to First Responder in XCode”, January 18, 2013 — not too interesting in the form that I initially wrote it; anyway, it was written for XCode 4.0; ancient times; trashed;
  • “XCode and Unit Tests”, January 22, 2013 — obsolete; trashed;
  • “@property”, January 23, 2013 — obsolete; trashed;
  • “Circumventing Dynamic Binding in Cocoa”, January 23, 2013 — a tentative to explain hoe to increase code performance by avoiding overhead of messaging; but this is obsolete;
  • “NSOutlineView Inside Out (4)”, January 24, 2013; abandoned part 4 of the series; trashed;
  • “Objective-C delegates”, February 1, 2013; obsolete; trashed;
  • “Nonatomic, assign, copy, retain, strong and weak”, February 5, 2013; obsolete; trashed;
  • “Variadic macros”, February 6, 2013 — better resources in other places; like here; trashed;
  • “Documenting code in XCode”, 8 February, 2013; obsolete; trashed;
  • “Arduino and C Structs”, February 9, 2013 — a keeper; I will resuscitate this;
  • “Objective-C Class Methods”, May 27, 2013; obsolete; trashed;
  • “Setting OS X driver properties from client space”, December 7, 2013; a keeper but empty;
  • “Arduino programming in XCode”, May 2, 2014; obsolete; trashed;
  • “Starter FPGA Kit”, June 2, 2014; abandoned; trashed;
  • “Debugging in UIApplicationMain”, June 18, 2014 — this is old too; I was complainig about how lousy debugger XCode 4.0 was; maybe I will refresh the content; fate undecided;
  • “NSOutlineView Inside Out (5)”, October 17, 2014; abandoned part 5 of the series; trashed;
  • “NSOutlineView Inside Out (3)”, October 18, 2014; abandoned part 3 of the series; trashed;
  • “FTDI Chip Utilities”, October 18, 2014; a keeper but I have to update the text; will write another one;
  • “USB Programming on Mac OS X (1)”, November 8, 2014; intended as a multi-series; abaondoned; wrote this and this instead;
  • “Using Appledoc”, September 1, 2015 — not needed, obsolete; I discovered another way to document code and I will probably write a brand new article on the same; trashed;
  • “Changing FTDI Descriptors: custom VID and PID”, September 21, 2015 — another keeper; the first article in the series, Changing FTDI descriptors, stirred a lot of interest so I have to get back on this and finish it;
  • “Firmware Reverse Engineering”, February 14, 2017 — some binwalk tentatives, never completed; fate undecided;

That’s it. Cleanup done !

Disable iPhone automatic backup

My new iPhone X is beautiful, a bit too expensive for what it offers but… what the heck. It’s a nice toy. Fancy one. Yet, something annoys me each time I sync my phone with the iTunes. I do this mostly for syncing music from my library. Each time I press the sync button, a […]

Beacon with SiLabs module

This is a beacon project started by my friend YO5VAE. He faced some issues while programming of the Si4463-based module and I thought I might give a hand. I resoldered the entire project on an empty Arduino shield to allow expansion of the project with some additional modules. Below are some pics, but probably the […]

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