Disable iPhone automatic backup

A simple way to disable backups via terminal


Warning ! Backups are important. Don’t blame me if you experience any issues due to the fact that you waived automatic backup of your iPhone. You acknowledge that you do this at your own risk ! Also, read the disclaimer.

My new iPhone X is beautiful, a bit too expensive for what it offers but… what the heck. It’s a nice toy. Fancy one. Yet, something annoys me each time I sync my phone with the iTunes. I do this mostly for syncing music from my library. Each time I press the sync button, a backup is also initiated and, although it is only incremental and it does not take too much time (first backup takes forever, though), I want to have control over this and be able to enable or disable the feature whenever I want.

It seems there is no way to disable this automatic backup from iTunes. There is a simple solution involving mac defaults command.

Open a terminal and write this:

defaults write com.apple.iTunes DeviceBackupsDisabled -bool true

Check entry ok:

defaults read com.apple.iTunes

{ DeviceBackupsDisabled = 1; }

Restart iTunes. You’re done. Of course, if you need to reactivate automatic backups, you just type:

defaults write com.apple.iTunes DeviceBackupsDisabled -bool false

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