New caulk for my bathtub


I wrote a list of things I want to finish this year. There are mostly various repairs and small fixes around the house; but there are also some other things like reading a certain book, or a certain number of books, or putting down, on a piece of paper, some resolutions for 2024. 2023 was not a very good year for us. Was a shitty year actually. Mostly for my wife. But I assume it could have been much worse (see the war in Ukraine and Gaza). Thus, I am not complaining. The only true grief we had was the loss of my father-in-law, a very special guy. One in a million, maybe. He passed away in May, leaving behind an excruciating, silent and profound sorrow and a blind, black, senseless hollow space so f… hard to fill or to put some colour into… Yeah, I am trying to put things in the proper perspective but I have to confess that I fail to achieve this spiritual goal most of the time… unfortunately.

So that is why I am having this list of simple, practical stuff to do. Seems it makes one feel better even when simple and small achievements pile up and you double strike “todos” in red. On that same paper. Changing the silicone caulk on our bathtub was one of them. Long time back in the backlog.

Simple and idiotic goals. Maybe. But what else we can do than having simple and idiotic goals ? Our inner shrink make us do so.

Achieved today, so that tiny bit of satisfaction made up to the pile of achievements — a surrogate in this huge world of disappointments. But I assume it is saner that getting high with something in your veins.

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