Malamute SDR


I have to confess that I fail to comprehend this obsession for cheap chinese devices. Although I understand the “cheap” part of the rationale, what constantly amaze me is the fact that usually people that buy such stuff are not necessarily financially challenged — a fact that could justify such a choice. Let’s be honest: there are far better options out there and we all are too poor to buy shit. But I believe that…

But what I do understand is the passion for experiments. So this justifies almost any compulsive (hi) desire to buy stuff. Ham radio, aside from its strong socializing values, is one of the hobbies that is extremely generous for those that seek experimentation and having fun (and brain stimulation) from a certain type of scientific activities.

Malamute SDR is a russian-made radio (or ukrainian ??) that was cloned by some chinese guys. I noticed these boards during one of our past outings and, seemingly, is a very sought of project. I will probably buy some PCBs and I will try to build it myself. But only after I see what other hams make out of it. 😜

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