Got COVID. Again.


I got COVID, again. Actually WE got COVID again, i.e. my wife and me. But it seems that the natural immunity kicks in much better now than two years ago because the symptoms are the same but shorter in duration. So… plenty of hot tea, paracetamol when needed, and a lot of rest and Hallmark movies… 😅

My 2023 reading challenge

This year reading challenge was short of three books. My resolution was to read 40. This is the list and the links on Nikolai Gogol [27-28 decembrie, 2023) E.T.A. Hoffmann (20-21 noiembrie, 2023) Charlotte Brontë (15-19 noiembrie, 2023) Anaïs Nin (21 august, 2023) Ian Stewart (4-10 august, 2023) George Orwell (3 august, 2023) Daphne […]

New caulk for my bathtub

I wrote a list of things I want to finish this year. There are mostly various repairs and small fixes around the house; but there are also some other things like reading a certain book, or a certain number of books, or putting down, on a piece of paper, some resolutions for 2024. 2023 was […]

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