Red and Green


This will be a very short post. And only for the blog. I have a sweet spot (call it idiosyncrasy) for stationery. I mean, some people do heroin, some do alcohol, some do Oprah. I am addicted to stationery. Put me in a stationery shop — you can leave me there all day (give or take), depending on the size and amount of stuff inside. And there are some very good (read “well stocked”) shops here in Bucharest because many people do arts. I mean, arts as professionally artistic, like my friend Carmen Nistor (who recently got back from her art display in Dubai), or arts as hobby, from painting to pottery (see another great example, another friend of mine, Bianca Bardaș), to fill time, cravings and have an alternative way of expressing yourself. I mean, what could be more pleasing than creating something beautifully expressive with your own hands ? Ha ? Well, I am not creating anything (yet) but I love pens and stuff. So I collect and use them, maybe one day I will explore some alternative ways of expressing myself…

Red Staedtlers, fine and medium, on a chinese-green cutter mat. Exquisite. :D

Red Staedtlers, fine and medium, on a chinese-green cutter mat. Exquisite. 😀

LTSpice Parameter Sweep

While designing/ working on my APRS project, I used LTSpice IV for some simulations. For those that don’t know, LTspice IV is a high performance SPICE simulator, schematic capture and waveform viewer from Linear Technology. It is a freeware and can be downloaded from this link. Versions for my both platforms exist, Win 7.0 and Mac. […]

144.8 Mhz TX for APRS (3)

This is a quick update post. The road I took with this little project is slowly getting to a dead end due to what it seems to be a lack of available crystals for 144.8 (like 48.26 or 28.96 MHz, for using the third or fifth harmonic). I believe that, currently, all APRS modules are […]

APRS Proto - 3

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  1. Sunny says:


    There are a number of 12 step programs that can help you with this addiction. Please, please get help.

    You can’t do it alone man!

    Please let me know if I’m commenting too much – I’ll tone it way down – or off.

    Sunny 🙂

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