New year, new theme — work in progress


After procrastinating for at least five or six years, I decided to give a chance and refresh this website wordpress theme. To be honest, I was very lazy and I had absolutely no desire to start building from scratch an entire new wordpress theme. I know what a pain this is, mostly for the syling part. But bit by bit I was getting more and more annoyed by the way this blog looked and behaved: it looked old, “rusty”, and, most importantly, it lacked support for mobile devices, a “must” these days.

Another very important reason that made me do it was the fact that I had, thus, the opportunity to learn something new: sass. I was hoping that this will help me in my efforts and, boy, I was right ! I really like sass. For the first time since I ever started using CSS I have the feeling that I have a tool that can help me organize the code. Plus the unique features it offers — after only one week of using this preprocessor convinced me it is a must for any serious webdesigner.

So here we are. A new year, a new theme, but with a twist: it is not complete. However, for now it has the most important features ready and the site can be used and navigated. All posts are available on first page; I will create a more friendly navigation system and add the search feature. This will probably follow first. Comments are available but not all the bells and whistles of WordPress: no widgets, no fancy menus, no custom and adapted templates and, for now, the responsiveness is limited. But, hey, as I said, work in progress. One more thing. Posts will look like that, with that huge white space on the right:

Apologize for the large white space on the right. For now you have to live with it. 😁

Apologize for the large white space on the right. For now you have to live with it.

That will hold some stuff, it is not empty by error but by feature. So apologize for it, but I hope this will not be the end of the world.

I will try to finalize everything in the next couple of weeks. Including integration with my ham radio logbook — probably via a new plugin — given that I purchased a five-year subscription which gives me access to their APIs. Nice touch. And maybe I will catch up with my article backlog that awaits for my laziness for some years now. Maybe 2024 will bring more achievements and, who know, maybe my resolutions will be among these. Keep it touch and thank you for visiting. Like always.

Happy New 2024 !..


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