Fresh breath of air for this website

Greetings !

My Yaesu FT5D, a great handheld.

My Yaesu FT5D, a great handheld.

I completely neglected this website for a considerable amount of time. Simply I didn’t have either time or desire to write anything here.

With this coming spring in 2023, with all this war and madness around us, I dug out my older passions, let them see the light again, made more time for myself and for my hobbies.

So… I want to give it fresh look and content so I will try to post more. My intention is to do a complete revamp of the theme, to make it more modern, responsive for all types of devices.

One of the major changes around the corner, is a tighter integration with my YouTube channels. More video content and less text. I find much easier to speak than write and even a short footage counts sometimes more than a thousand written words.

However, the Blog section will probably get the most amount of posts as I will try to write daily. My Ham radio projects will also be mirrored here. YO3ITI website is basically a wiki, written in Romanian, so anything „internationalized” will probably end up here.

That’s it for now.

Fingers crossed.

Spring in Bucharest

Spring in Bucharest

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