ColorFabb elastic filament


Today I received my latest order from Prusa, a TPU filament from ColorFabb along with some bronze inserts for 3D print assembly. Extremely fast shipment by DHL, the package arrived in only one day.

Elastic filament from ColorFabb, via Prusa. This is a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) compound that seems to be quite stretchy.

Next days I will print some belts for a device that I have and will publish the results and my impressions.

See ya !

Field Day, Tuzla, 2023

The fourth edition of Tuzla Field Day took place this year on 14-17 September, 2023. Some pictures:

Multipurpose RF Proto Board v2.0

This is a general purpose PCB that I designed in KiCad as a helper board for my Manhattan-style mounted RF projects. It allows connection via SMA connector (vertical or edge mount) and BNC. The two completely separated prototyping sections can be interconnected by using the SMAs in the middle or, if you want to save […]

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