Understanding Power MOSFET data sheet parameters


Fabulous piece of literature from NXP (here’s the link to a cool pdf). Nothing beats a well written material. So it seems that I have some very interesting thing to do this evening: printing this and have a good read. This comes on perfect timing for my MOSFET dummy load project !

Quoting from NXP’s material:

This user manual explains the parameters and diagrams given in an NXP Semiconductors Power MOSFET data sheet. The goal is to help an engineer decide what device is most suitable for a particular application.


The layout of this data sheet is representative of the general arrangement of NXP power MOSFET data sheets.

NXP Power MOSFETs are designed with particular applications in mind. For example, switching charge is minimized where switching losses dominate, whereas on-resistance is minimized where conductive losses dominate…

NXP - understanding Power MOSFET data sheet parameters

NXP – understanding Power MOSFET data sheet parameters

NSOutlineView — Inside Out

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