Redesigning the blog

A pencil and an eraser - all you need

A pencil and an eraser – all you need

I decided a need a new theme for this blog. It is starting to get some attention and I don’t like how information is organized and displayed. So, bottom line, basic rule #1: get some paper, a pencil, a sharpener and some good eraser. And start the design.

Sure, I could get or buy a theme but, what the heck ! It’s much more fun building one of your own.

OpAmps for Everyone

A very thorough and useful reference produced by Ron Mancini at Texas Instruments. A must read for anyone takes OpAmps seriously: “OpAmps for Everyone”

FTP in Mac OS X Lion

With the release of their latest OS, Lion, Apple dropped support for FTP activation via System Preferences → Sharing. As all my wordpress developments are tested locally on a MacBook Pro, I needed to have a way to use FTP for remote plugin installation or system upgrades. It seems that even if FTP activation is […]

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