Home improvements

I’ve been quite busy the past few weeks doing improvements to this blog. I have used the twenty-ten WordPress theme that I was never very happy with. Not a big deal, anyway. The content is much more important. But the biggest complaint that I had was with an endless list of plugins that I installed …
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Missing WordPress Link Manager

WordPress users that updated the blog platform to version 3.5 might have observed that the link manager is missing from the admin pages: It seems that WordPress announced this as one of the major core changes when they released version 3.5: One other major change is the Link Manager. If you’re using it, you’ll want …
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Using arrays of checkboxes to store and retrieve WordPress options

I am into a complex task: for some time I’ve wanted to update the theme of this site and make it more versatile. Despite my obvious lack of time, the content is increasing steadily, so is the number of visitors, and I feel more and more often the need to structure better all these posts …
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CSS generators for fast web page styling

While revamping my blog, I ran over several CSS generators that are freely available on the web. These considerably speed up the process of styling your web. So I though would be nice to share some links. Some might be interested. Gradient CSS generators One of the best CSS generators is ColorZilla, available also as …
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How to create Arduino brush for Syntax Highlighter

For my Arduino lessons I needed to add WordPress support for Arduino syntax highlighting. A custom brush for SyntaxHighlighter plugin that would format and color my Arduino syntax similar to the application (see here an example). This is what I did.