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Stuff to read

This is very, very short. Books I have to read. But I really, really have to read: Art of electronics book Art of electronics student book Masterminds of programming

Analog Devices – Currents Monthly, May 2012 issue

I love organizations that know how to share their know-how. Analog Devices is one of them.

MAX17058, MAX17059: 1-Cell/2-Cell Li+ ModelGauge ICs

The MAX17058/MAX17059 ICs are tiny fuel gauges for lithium-ion (Li+) batteries in handheld and portable equipment. The MAX17058 operates with a single Li+ cell and the MAX17059 with two Li+ cells in series…

Step by Step Measurement Handbook for Power MOSFET

A customized Application Test Library is created for testing the specifications introduced in this measurement handbook. They can be downloaded from the Agilent web site.

OpAmps for Everyone

A very thorough and useful reference produced by Ron Mancini at Texas Instruments. A must read for anyone takes OpAmps seriously: “OpAmps for Everyone”