RF Proto Board v2.0 — arrived from JLCPCB !


RF prototype boards arrived today from JLCPCB. The service was, as always, very fast and flawless. Seems they have a direct arrangements with Customs because I was not required to pay anything.

I ordered 100 pcs for a total amount of 157 euros, apx 1.57 euro per piece. This includes manufacturing and shipment via DHL. These are intended to accompany QSLs that I send to some very special ham contacts but also as gift for my friends, especially for those hams that I know are enthusiast and prolific builders and experimenters.


How to use Matlab PCBReader objects

Recently I installed a trial version of the new PCB toolbox from Matlab. From Mathworks website: RF PCB Toolbox provides functions and apps for designing, analyzing, and visualizing high-speed and RF multi-layer printed circuit boards (PCBs). You can design components with parameterized or arbitrary geometry, including distributed passive structures such as traces, bends, and vias. […]

Snow at last !

Last night it started snowing. For the last five years, we barely saw any snow in the city. When I was a kid, like half a century ago, there were winters when one could barely get out from the house without a shovel. Not anymore. We managed to f…k the nature. We enjoyed a walk […]

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