New Kindle Oasis


I got a new Kindle !!! A seven inch Oasis, the latest and greatest from Amazon. After seven years, my previous Kindle developed some battery issues and is becoming more and more unreliable. So I took the opportunity of one of my friends travel to US and I ordered a new one. As I mentioned also in my previous post, these are by far the most useful mobile devices I ever owned. Sure, I like my iPad, but the compactness and the weight of these e-book readers are unbeatable. I can hardly wait to start reading. A new reading challenge waits for me on 😇

Cold shrink tubes

I discovered this technology rather recently on YouTube and I was instantly hooked by the opportunities. I bet most of you who had to insulate connectors or sections of hardware (like antenna segments, for example) relied heavily either on self vulcanizing tape or on electrical insulation tape. Both had disadvantages but for me the deal […]

Field Day, Tuzla, 2023

The fourth edition of Tuzla Field Day took place this year on 14-17 September, 2023. Some pictures:

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