First steps with Orange Pi


This is rather a reminder, not a real post. This is a collection of links to help me in my quest to control this device.

  • user root default password orangepi
  • more info in this FAQ:
  • Find live hosts on my network: nmap -sP
  • Beginner’s guide for OrangePi:
  • Orange Pi Lite doesn’t connect to WiFi network → 
    • Error: No network with SSID ‘Apple’ found
    • armbian-config does not show wifi
    • sudo nmcli -a d wifi connect → pentru conectare la SSID
    • sudo dhclient wlan0
    • keyring modifications → vezi mai jos;
  • wicd gets erroneous BAD PASSWORD →
  • How can I configure my headless server to connect to a wireless network automatically? –>
  • How to setup multiple WiFi networks? →
  • How to setup wifi in Orange Pi Zero? →
  • Issues with WiFi –>

Build SvxLink on Raspberry — aide-mémoire

This is not really a post, but mostly a reminder with some information to help me remember the steps. Meanwhile I wrote a much more extensive documentation here, on my wiki (in romanian). And I think I also made a video tutorial but I have to upload it to YouTube. Load packages sudo apt update […]

Tuzla 2020, Field day

I published on my YouTube channel a video about the ham radio Field Day event at Tuzla, Romania, 2020.

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