Electronics from China — Pixie CW

HAM RADIO 40M CW Shortwave Transmitter Receiver 7.023-7.026MHz QRP Pixie Kit DIY

  • Power supply: DC 9v – 12v
  • Antenna: 50 ohms, is not balanced, 7MHZ band, standing wave ratio below 1.8
  • Receive the static current: 10 mA @ 9 v
  • Transmission power: 0.8W @ 9 v, 1.2W @ 12 v
  • Frequency range: 7.023 MHz launch, receive 7.023-7.026 MHz (7.023 MHz crystals)
  • Stray (harmonic) inhibition: – 20 db
  • Working pattern: CW
  • Not soldered, sold as kit


Hamfest Friedrichshafen 2016

The international amateur radio exhibition is the platform for ham enthusiasts from all over the world.

Electronics from China

I am pretty pleased by the outcome of my commercial endeavours on eBay. Purchasing seems to be a pleasure; until now — with just one exception — I was spared from any nasty experiences. After several small items that I ordered in part for my curiosity to evaluate speed and quality of shipments from chinese suppliers, I […]

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