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Analog Devices DSP

I love organizations that know how to share their know-how. Analog Devices is one of them. A corporation that is not afraid of sharing knowledge and it excels at it, in a quite exquisite way despite all constraints from competitive pressures and shrinking margins – kudos ! May 2012 issue of Currents Monthly from Analog Devices is out and is a very good example of high quality knowledge sharing ! I am always a big fan of good reference, probably due to my academic background. Not only this is an awesome read, a valid PR move, but I am sure increases acceptance and use-base. AD is one of the best at this. I still have to try their free samples policy, but I will do it soon. Also in May 2012 issue of Currents Monthly something very spicy is included: the “rare” Questions and Answers section and and the strange but true stories behind them, as Analog Devices puts it. This is worth reading, really. Quite impressive. Some examples:

  • With no signal at the input to my ADC, why are the output data bits switching?
  • Is it okay to run an op amp on a single +10 V supply, or do I need to use ±5 V supplies?
  • What is the most common problem with precision analog circuits?
  • What are some important PCB layout rules when using a high-speed converter?
  • Are wide bandwidth and fast slew rate the best way to benchmark an amplifier?
  • Why do ICs need their own decoupling capacitors? → check this; a huge help for any project.
  • What sort of logic circuitry should I use in (mostly) analog circuitry?
  • What should I do with the unused terminals of analog ICs?
  • etc.
Also, might worth peep a look into:
  • Dual 16-bit/1.23 GSPS D/A Converter Targets for IF Synthesis in Military Applications (datasheet and free samples here)
  • nanoDAC+™ Series of Quad DACs for a Wide Range of Applications (datasheet and free samples here)
  • Wide Supply Range, Micropower, Rail-to-Rail Instrumentation Amplifier, Ideal for battery-powered applications (more info on AD8420 here)
  • A topic I am especially interested in: Family of Voltage References combines Ultra-low Noise, High Accuracy and Value for Precision Applications
  • A GREAT video on Introduction to EYE diagram measurement in JESD204B interfaces (note: for the specification on serialized interface between data converters and logic devices and all normative information to enable designers to implement devices that communicate with other devices covered by this specification check JEDEC’s website) → you can also download the video !

Logic Analyzer!

…and not only software (maybe). OK, to keep things short, I got tired by limitations of my Saleae logic analyzer, especially on the software side so I decided to build one. This is my new project: a DIY logic analyzer that I will hopefully use to better extent in my other projects. First results promising. […]

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  1. ADI_Patrick says:

    I’m a little late, but I want to say ‘Thank You’ for your coverage of the May 2012 issue of CURRENTS. Best Regards, Patrick Kusior

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