A cold war era reel-to-reel

Tesla B115 teardown, cleaning and repair

This old reel-to-reel was the joy of my teenager days, Back in eighties I was listening to VOA and Radio Kuweit and I was recording mostly on east-german OR-WO tapes (that were quite decent) because the BASF and Agfa were in shortage. Western music reached the black market usually by pilots that were operating civil aircrafts and were smuggling tons of vinyls; later on, especially during the peak of casette era, there was an entire underground industry for music multiplication.

This is a project that will take some time: a proper reconditioning of this Tesla B115 reel-to-reel, a superb machine for its simplicity. I am constantly amazed by what engineers were designing during those days just using paper and pencil and – maybe – a pocket calculator.

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