Hamfest Friedrichshafen 2016

Ham Radio Friedrichshafen, 2016 — photo gallery


Finally, the long-awaited Hamfest is here. I am attending this each year, since 2014. However, because the 2017 event will be hosted in July, the next one I will attend will be in 2018, two years from now. Enjoy some photos.

Kindle Oasis

I bought my first Kindle in 2012. Since then, I read more than 400 ebooks. Not too much, not too few, but certainly a lot more than I would have read without the opportunity to carry a whole library with me at all time. Although a great device, my Kindle Keyboard v3.0 was a bit […]

Electronics from China — Pixie CW

Power supply: DC 9v – 12v Antenna: 50 ohms, is not balanced, 7MHZ band, standing wave ratio below 1.8 Receive the static current: 10 mA @ 9 v Transmission power: 0.8W @ 9 v, 1.2W @ 12 v Frequency range: 7.023 MHz launch, receive 7.023-7.026 MHz (7.023 MHz crystals) Stray (harmonic) inhibition: – 20 db […]

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