New Mac !


My old Mac died in a very unfortunate way — the GPU of my previous Mac succombed. It was the last model with DVD drive provided and I really miss having the possiblity to play CDs. Anyway… I did some due dilligence about the costs of repair and the figure was higher that what I would have probably get for selling the resuscitated computer. So I gave up. Maybe someday I will tempt a repair by myself but… until then… I got a new MacBook.

The old one will be very useful for kernel module programming and debugging.

A Weekend Project

Not much to say today. For some time I wanted to tear down and clean my old Panasonic radio casette player. I am very fond of this device. A small and relaxing weekend project.

Why I love Analog Devices 😃

For starters, I have to be very clear that I have absolutely no affiliation with this company or another of its kind. This is just about a personal opinion and I wanted to write such posts for some time, but did not find enough momentum to do it. While browsing for some information from their […]

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