Bye, bye Vacation !


A hidden place in Trogir; 2014I took a break for almost two months and it was so good ! Away from any disturbance, just us, the Sea and some books. The first couple of weeks slipped away almost unnoticed. There’s something special about Mediterranean… exerts an irresistible charm. Laying on that sea’s shore I can just close my eyes and imagine why greeks, phoenicians and many others before and after them were so obsessively compelled to discover its unforgiven treasures. From island to island, roaming away, and farther away from their homelands — they have just placed the foundation of any other city around its shores. Exotic named and hidden paradises, far beyond any imagination, laid ahead their inquisitive eyes and oars.

Vacation is just vacation. I want to leave behind any other activity or mindset, including hobbies or any other stuff that I was up to before that. Reading is not a hobby, it’s therapy; more I lose myself in the virtual reality I which am expected to provide all kind of things, more important becomes to keep my brain sane and feed it with hardcore, ink-on-paper literature. Vacation is a tabu. It is a time I take only for me. I don’t give a damn for the rest of the world. I simply do not care about it. I just leave to my own choice if I want to do something that violates this space. The second tabu is the daily hour for my exercises. When I leave behind the cellphone and any other distraction. Thus, I simply enjoy it, my time just for me.

I am heading back to my projects, all my projects: at home, at work… When I will stop doing what I do now, I will also abandon an entire way of living and probably I will let myself into a different, another one. For now I just think back about the summer, the Sea and the greeks and the phoenicians while I sketch the plans for the rest of the year.

Writing serial drivers for OS X (1)

At least one thing can be improved on Mac Dev Center: the code sample repository. I am not talking about documentation. In this particular case, there’s not much new to write about. The I/O Kit documentation (grab the pdf while it is stil there) is sufficient. On the shelves are tons on books about C and […]

Rigol Spectrum Analyzer !

I’ve kept drooling for this for several years. Today I finally got it ! Moreover, it seems it is fully-option enabled, which is kinda weird because I haven’t ordered for such. However, here it is: the Rigol DSA 815 TG Spectrum Analyzer with tracking generator. This will enhance my lab’s capabilities in RF electronics and […]

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