Scavenging for electronic parts


Not very often I have the occasion to salvage some good parts from throw–away devices. Two days ago I found an empty TV set carcass lying on the sidewalk with some pieces left. The rest was — probably — savagely ripped off for copper and some other metals. It’s a bit of shame to see such devices that were once bought in millions to have such a despicable fate. More importantly, this big hypocrisy about preserving the environment and little kids in Nigeria and China is a bullshit. Nobody gives a damn to recycle anything. Or very few, maybe. A pileup of rubbish made of such toxic and dangerous materials is accumulating slowly.

However, I still found some (very dirty) circuit boards with some pieces on them and, in the next couple of days, I will salvage those that might be useful. Some pictures for now with comments in captions:

That’s it for now. Next steps: get them out from these broken boards, clean them, sort and value them. And — not the least — use them.

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