NSString initWithBytes:length:encoding instance method. A quick example. Uses a NSData object from the content of my blog’s first page and displays the string in an NSTextView outlet: The result: A variant, with a char array: The result:

While revamping my blog, I ran over several CSS generators that are freely available on the web. These considerably speed up the process of styling your web. So I though would be nice to share some links. Some might be interested. Gradient CSS generators One of the best CSS generators is ColorZilla, available also as […]

Another year started. Been so busy in the past month that I was unable to articulate some thoughts on my plans for 2013. This helps bringing some structured approach and — having a tendency to do many things at a time — should provide some prioritization. First, I would deepen my knowledge. In programming, in electronics and […]

Ok, this will be a short one. Probably I will create a category like “code snippets and hints” to include all these small articles. This is about zombies in your coding projects and how to chase them. Enabling a project to trace zombies is different in XCode 4 than in previous versions. There is a […]

I will probably write a longer article on exception handling in XCode, for now just a quickie: how to use XCode 4 exception breakpoints, use the breakpoint customization features and get useful information for debugging. Usually when the app is crashing, a lot of cryptical mumbo-jumbo is displayed in the console. You have to dig the […]

January brings updated documentation from Apple and I want to share the link to the  completely rewritten Core Animation Programming Guide. The release notes include reference to a “Major revamp, reorganization, and expansion to cover modern Core Animation behavior in iOS and OS X”. Just in time, as some of my projects rely on this. […]