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This is very, very short. Books I have to read. But I really, really have to read:

Anti aliasing Illustrator features for web artwork

While creating some artwork for an article, I ran into an interesting anti aliasing Illustrator feature. That might be handy for you to know. Exporting images for web (“Save for web”) uses Cmd-Opt-Shift-S shortcut (Ctrl-Alt-Shift-S on Windows). This brings the following screen: You have three anti aliasing Illustrator options for the look of your exported artwork: […]


Until recently I have extensively used my MacBook, AVRDude and USBTiny for my μController projects: Now I got myself a proper tool, the AVRISP markII, mostly because I wanted to use AVRStudio 6.0 features: Key features: Programs both flash and EEPROM Supports fuses and lock bit programming Upgradeable for future device support Supports target voltages from […]

AVRISP mkII unboxing

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