OpAmps for Everyone

Op Amps For Everyone - Ron Mancini

Op Amps For Everyone – Ron Mancini; capture from chapter 4 „Single-Supply Op Amp Design Techniques”, with my annotations. This is a wonderful piece of reference anyone should read.

A very thorough and useful reference produced by Ron Mancini at Texas Instruments. A must read for anyone takes OpAmps seriously: OpAmps for Everyone„:

Everyone interested in analog electronics should find some value in this book, and an effort has been made to make the material understandable to the relative novice while not too boring for the practicing engineer.  […]

The op amp will continue to be a vital component of analog design because it is such a fundamental component. Each generation of electronics equipment integrates more functions on silicon and takes more of the analog circuitry inside the IC. Don’t fear, as digital applications increase, analog applications also increase because the predominant supply of data and interface applications are in the real world, and the real world is an analog world.

Ron Mancini

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