MAX17058, MAX17059: 1-Cell/2-Cell Li+ ModelGauge ICs


MAX17058/MAX17059 1-Cell/2-Cell Li+ ModelGauge ICs

New from Maxim: Maximize Battery Run Time with Industry’s Smallest Size Fuel Gauges that Eliminate a Current-Sense Resistor:

” The MAX17058/MAX17059 ICs are tiny fuel gauges for lithium-ion (Li+) batteries in handheld and portable equipment. The MAX17058 operates with a single Li+ cell and the MAX17059 with two Li+ cells in series.

The ICs use the sophisticated Li+ battery-modeling algorithm ModelGauge™ to track the battery relative state-of-charge (SOC) continuously over a widely varying charge/discharge conditions. The ModelGauge algorithm eliminates current-sense resistor and battery-learn cycles required by other fuel gauges. Temperature compensation is implemented using the system micro controller…”

MAX17058 / MAX17059 Datasheet available here.

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